Guide: Monster Hunter Rise Sub-Camp Locations

Sub-camps in Monster Hunter Rise are super useful, you can access your item storage and fast travel to them whenever you want — as long as you don’t have a Basarios up your bum. You’d be mad not to take advantage of them, frankly.

In this Sub-camp location guide we’ll take you through the basics of unlocking and finding them all. Stick with us and you’ll be happy Sub-campers.

How to unlock Sub-camps in Monster Hunter Rise

Let’s start off by explaining how unlocking these things works. First of all, you’ll need to actually find a Sub-camp in one of the maps and enter its general radius. This can be when on any kind of quest, but we’d recommend the Expedition Tours, as you can exit those at any time.

Then once your quest is complete it’s a case of simply talking to Mr Shop Man, also known as Kagero the Merchant, and he’ll explain that you’ve found some super lovely place for a tent but he needs you to do something. Complete his task whatever it may be and presto! You’ll have unlocked the Sub-camp for immediate use.

Just to reiterate, after finding a camp you need to speak to Kagero so he can give you the quest before you can start it. So now you know how it works, let’s take you through each of them.

Monster Hunter Rise Sub-camp Locations

Shrine Ruins Sub-camp locations

First of all in Shrine Ruins you’ll need to whack out your Wirebug and reach this location in Area 10. Return to Admiral Selling and he’ll tell you to slay 8 Izuchi in the Shrine Ruins. These little critters are no real challenge to take down, and Great Izuchi (the big ol’ sods) don’t count, only the little ones.

Frost Islands Sub-camp locations

Moving onto the Frost Islands, you’ll actually have two to find this time around.

Sub-camp 1 can be found by getting your feet wet and hopping over this large stone thing in Area 6. Before heading back to Sir Sale you might as well discover Sub-camp 2 by slinging yourself up here just after grabbing some delicious honey in Area 8.

Their quests are nice and simple, Sub-camp 1 requires you to slay 8 Zamite, which come in both little and even littler forms. Mmm, guilt-inducing. Sub-camp 2 just needs you to deliver two Warm Pelts, which can be found attached to Kelbi in the Shrine Ruins and Sandy Plains counterintuitively, and four portions of Monster Bone S, which can be found in Bone Piles all over the place.

Sandy Plains Sub-camp locations

Sliding down towards the Sandy Plains we have another two camps to contend with. Sub-camp 1 can be found by hopping into these ruins in Area 7, and Sub-camp 2 is squirreled away by this oasis in Area 8.

The quests are simple once again, for Sub-camp 1 all you need to do is slap 8 Kestodon about the place. They’re pretty common and come in two flavours; presumably male and female but I’m too shy to ask. Sub-camp 2 merely needs a Lagombi Pelt which can be found on a Lagombi in the Frost Islands, and two servings of Monster Bone M, which can be found inside larger small monsters like the humble Rhenoplos, common in the Sandy Plains.

Flooded Forest Sub-camp locations

Plunging into the Flooded Forest we only have a single Sub-camp this time. You’ll find it by climbing up this big patch of vines in Area 11. Quest-wise it’s oh-so-simple once again; you just need to murderise 8 Wroggi in the very same locale. Watch out of their poison of course, but they’re only tiny, you can take ‘em, we believe in you!

Lava Caverns Sub-camp locations

And lastly spelunking our way into the Lava Caverns we have another two Sub-camps to contend with. Both camps can be found on the upper level, with Sub-camp 1 being at the top of this big bit of igneous rock in Area 10. Sub-camp 2 can be found amongst all these few scraggly trees who should know better in Area 6.

Sub-camp 1 will require you to end 8 Uroktor also known as long bois, found in the same area. Sub-camp 2 on the other hand just needs some Tetranadon Hide, conveniently located on Tetranadon that can also be found in the Lava Caverns themselves, and two steaming lumps of Monster Bone L, which you’ll get as a reward for hunting big things like Barroth in the Sandy Plains.

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