Gilbert Arenas Gives Bronny James High Praise

LeBron James and Gilbert Arenas still have a relationship off the court. Arenas was a recent guest on “And One” in which he told NBC Sports Washington’s Chris Miller a fascinating story about LeBron James’ son, Bronny James. 

“LeBron hit me on Instagram and said ‘My son is starting to train and he’s training with Dribble2Much. Can you go over there and put some eyes on him and let me know because I’m kind of worried about him.’ I went there, watched him, and gave him some pointers.

After LeBron asked Arenas to give him a scouting report on his phenom son, he back to him with a promising report. 

“He’s your clone, you don’t need to be worried. Just from looking at him, you were probably taller, you’ve got the same speed, he probably jumps higher. Passes probably the same, IQ probably the same, he shoots better and dribbles better.”

Bronny James is currently a sophomore in high school and a 4-star prospect that is ranked No. 25 in the 2023 class affording to ESPN. Arenas thinks that LeBron and Bronny are both extremely similar when it comes to their games.

As he looks to follow in his father’s footsteps, it appears Bronny James is on the right path. 


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