Former Nintendo Of America President Reggie To Step Down From GameStop’s Board Of Directors

Last March, Reggie Fils-Aimé joined GameStop’s board of directors. Now, just over a year later, it’s been announced the former Nintendo of America president is one of eight members expected to leave the company after its annual meeting in June.

This information comes via a GameStop filing, which also reveals Kathy Vrabeck – a former Activision executive – will depart, although her exit was originally announced back in January.

GameStop notes how this turnover may disrupt operations, strategic focus and the company’s ability to drive stockholder value. The stock market saga and global pandemic obviously haven’t helped, either. And it also clarifies it’s not because of a disagreement relating to operations, policies or practices.

“The contemplated retirements are not because of a disagreement with us on any matter relating to our operations, policies or practices.”

As far as we know, Reggie has plenty to fall back on. Last year he joined the board of directors at Brunswick Corporation – a “world-class leader in the marine industry”, signed on as a strategic advisor to Rogue Games, and was also placed on the Spin Masters board of directors – a leading company in children’s entertainment.

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