Family says Cantu was suffering ‘complications to his stomach and digestive track’

Megan Armstrong San Antonio News

Nearly two weeks after being released from the hospital, family of Erik Cantu says the 17-year-old had to return due to, “complications to his stomach and digestive track.”

The GoFundMe supporting Cantu was updated on Saturday, December 3 stating that the San Antonio teen had to return back to the hospital for three days after suffering complications to both his stomach and digestive track.

In the GoFundMe update, Cantu’s family highlighted how “this is not the end” for their every day struggles and how it’s “only the beginning to a whole new life.”

“In the wake of all the great news that attributes to our little miracle we find ourselves back in the place that helped him stay with us,” the family writes. “Unfortunately, another 3 days back in the hospital from complications to his stomach/digestive track. Yet again we make our way back home with our hearts in our hand knowing this is not the end, only the beginning to a whole new life.”

The update comes just days after a grand jury indicted former San Antonio police officer James Brennand in the October shooting of Cantu in a McDonald’s parking lot. Brennand is being charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of attempted murder.

Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales said that he will seek the maximum sentence for the charges.