Dejounte Murray is looking pretty fit

Moving well. Looking kinda bulky. But don’t expect to see him this season.

It was a big blow to the Spurs when Dejounte Murray was lost in the preseason to a torn ACL. It’s an injury that takes a long time to come back from, often an entire season, but DJ is not letting that get him down. He’s back to hitting the gym as he advances in his rehab and is looking pretty spry in the process.

He has also begun traveling with the team a bit and has been a presence in film study with the coaches so he can remain a part of the team and not feel left out.

This does not mean you should get your hopes up about seeing him on the court again this season. Gregg Popovich has made it pretty clear that Murray will not play this season. It’s not worth the risk, and the Spurs’ deep group of guards has given him no reason to rush back. Regardless, it’s always good to see him getting better.

Source: Pounding The Rock

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