Davis Bertans is a three point machine

The Latvian Laser is proving his worth from long distance.

Davis Bertans may not be in the three point shooting contest at All-Star weekend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate just what an incredible marksman he’s been this year. So, in honor of the 25 threes he definitely would have made in winning the contest, had he been allowed to compete, here are 25 Latvian Laser related facts and figures:

1. Davis leads the league in 3 point accuracy at the All-Star break. He’s hit 47.6% of his threes, highest among qualified players.

2. His career 41.6% from long distance is 8th among active players and 17th all-time.

3. Only 6 players have finished a season shooting threes as well as Davis has on a many attempts as he has right now.

4. Davis is one of the most efficient scorers in the league. He’s 2nd in points per possession.

5. His 66.4% effective Field Goal percentage is 4th in the league and 68.2% true shooting percentage is 3rd.

6. Ridiculous shot chart #1: True Shooting % adjusted for free throw attempts compared to NBA average from Positive Residual.

7. Ridiculous shot chart #2: Points per shot by zone from NBA Shot Charts.

8. Ridiculous shot chart #3: Heat maps of attempts and makes.

9. Ridiculous shot chart #4: Shot zones.

10. Davis takes most of his threes from the wings, split evenly between the left and right sides. He’s shooting far better from the right wing, though, hitting 50.7% compared to “just” 38.0% from the left.

11. Like most players, he’s even better from the corners, but in Davis’ case, the difference is extreme. He’s shooting 65.6% from the below the break, though it’s a small sample size, having taken only 32 shots. He shoots better from the right side there, too, hitting 15/18 (!!!) from the right corner and “only” 6/14 from the left.

12. Davis makes most of his money on catch and shoot attempts. 199 of his 229 3PAs have been of the catch and shoot variety and he leads the league in accuracy, having made 49.2% of them.

13. However, he’s 37th in catch and shoot attempts at 3.8 per game. He plays quite a bit less than most of the players above him though, which is clear when you account for minutes played. Only 10 players take more catch and shoot threes per minute and the only player who makes more catch and shoot threes per minute is Steph Curry.

14. In a related stat, only 1 of his 109 makes from 3 was unassisted.

15. DeMar DeRozan has the most assists on Davis’ 3-pointers, with 26. Marco Belinelli is 2nd with 22, followed closely by Patty Mills with 19.

16. 2 of his 229 3PAs have been blocked, which is kind of incredible given that he’s 6’ 10”.

17. Per Cleaning the Glass, Davis has only been fouled on 3 three point attempts this year.

18. He hasn’t been quite as good on pull up threes, hitting 11 of his 30 attempts (36.7%).

19. That includes his 5 step back threes this season, of which he’s hit 3.

20. He’s money out to 29 feet. Here’s the breakdown.

21. He’s also shockingly good with a defender close by, having hit 12/33 (36.4%) with a defender within 4 feet, likely because, again, he’s 6’10”.

22. He’s somehow shooting better with the shot clock running out than just about anybody else can shoot in the best of circumstances. He’s hit 9 of his 17 threes with less than 4 seconds to go (52.9%).

23. In the same vein, Davis has hit 57.1% (4/7) of his threes in clutch time.

24. His career high for made threes in a game is 6, which he did twice last season in a span of 6 days.

25. Take a look.

Source: Pounding The Rock

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