The Spurs aren’t playing, but there’s some good basketball on TV today.

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The Spurs have a rest day today, but there’s an all-day slate of nationally televised NBA games today on ESPN and ABC. They are also being streamed on WatchESPN, if you have access to that service. While the Spurs are resting with their families today, you can watch some great games throughout the day, but save some for tomorrow when the Spurs face the Nuggets at 7:30 PM. I know they’re off today, but Go Spurs GO!

Viewing info:

Milwaukee vs. New York 11:00 AM ESPN

Oklahoma City vs. Houston 2:00 PM ABC

Philadelphia vs. Boston 4:30 PM ABC

Los Angeles vs. Golden State 7:00 PM ABC, ESPN

Portland vs. Utah 9:30 PM ESPN

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Source: Pounding The Rock

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