3 San Antonio Spurs most likely to have breakout seasons in 2020

CLEVELAND, OHIO – MARCH 08: Dejounte Murray #5 of the San Antonio Spurs celebrates with teammates during overtime against the Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

They struggled this year but have young guys on deck, these three San Antonio Spurs are on the verge of having their breakout seasons

Nothing electrifies a fanbase quite like a young player having a breakout season. The satisfaction of knowing you were right about their potential, the thrill of something new, the excitement that comes with seeing your team do well, it’s been a while since San Antonio Spurs fans had something like that.

As far as NBA franchises go the San Antonio Spurs are less likely to experience a player’s breakout season than others. A well established and successful G-League team, proven development program, and Gregg Popovich’s long-standing policy of not playing young players until they make him look like an idiot for not putting them on the court has stuck more than one promising young player on the bench for longer than some have felt was necessary.

Pop’s insistence on sticking with players that he fully trusts is completely understandable but ultimately frustrated fans this season. Even as the Spurs continued to struggle he rolled with established but defensively underwhelming players like Bryn Forbes and Marco Belinelli over unproven but talented young players.

As the Spurs playoff chances got slimmer and slimmer he eventually relented, playing rookies more often and experimenting with lineups. Given the teams struggles this year, the potential departure of DeMar DeRozan, and the unrestricted free agencies of Rudy Gay, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Patty Mills that will come in the summer of 2021 this could be the year where we finally see Pop lean more on young players than he has in the past.

If that’s the case then these three players could finally get the breakout seasons we’ve all been hoping for in 2020.

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