Travelling to the other side of the world to find Spurs fans

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Being a Pounding the Rock writer has many advantages, including our unlimited expense account for international travel. In the summer of 2016, I journeyed to Vancouver, Canada and discovered that the city apparently lost its interest in the NBA after the league abandoned Vancouver for Memphis, Tennessee. This year, I celebrated the start of the NBA season by traveling to …

Spurs Vs Houston.

Houston We Have A Problem, Spurs Win 9th Straight Game!

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The San Antonio Spurs and their I-10 rival the Houston Rockets faced off at the At&t Center Wednesday night. The Spurs fell behind early in the first quarter and the Rockets we ready for lift off. That is when the Spurs went on a run and closed the gap at the end of the 1st quarter with a three pointer …

Spurs Fan Cave Podcast Episode 10.

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Today on the Spurs Fan Cave Podcast Episode 10 we are joined by our special guest Spurs Nation. We will be talking about the San Antonio Spurs and despite a slow start to the season are finally regaining their championship swagger just in time for the playoffs. Spurs regaining their championship swagger.  

The Spurs Army gears up for battle.

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After a uncharacteristically slow start and battling through numerous injuries this season the Spurs look poised to show their playoff dominance this season.  Just when it appeared the San Antonio Spurs were perfectly inconsistent and down for the count by most sports analyst, looks like the Spurs Army just flipped the switch. With some impressive wins against the likes of …

Spurs still make signing Marc Gasol A priority this summer.

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In a story I released earlier this year entitled “Spurs look to Marc Gasol to pick up the torch after Tim Duncan retires.” it appears that the Spurs still intend on pursuing Marc Gasol this summer.  A Spurs insider revealed that the Spurs have already planned a strategy in the event of Timmy and Manu retiring. The Spurs organization does …

The Spurs have no room for error in the Southwest Division.

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The San Antonio Spurs have no room for error in the highly competitive Southwest Division where we have three teams with winning records of at least 16 wins this early into the season.  If one is to do the math, it will take no less than 47 wins this season just to get into the playoffs and with teams like Memphis, Dallas …