You Can’t Fight This Feeling Spurs Fans The Regular Season Is Almost Here.

Martin M Dominguez Spurs News

This is the best time of year to be a Spurs fan, you feel the soul of the city start to awaken as many Spurs fans start to awaken from their slumber. You will start to see Spurs jersey’s fill the streets of San Antonio and you can almost hear the chant’s of Go! Spurs! Go! from the At&t Center once again. That’s right you Can’t Fight This Feeling any longer Spurs fans, the regular season is almost here. In just two weeks Spurs basketball will be here once again and an excitement like no other will awaken our city of San Antonio. This year unlike others in the past will be different for the plain and simple fact that #21 Tim Duncan will not be on the court. While this is depressing in its own right, it is also an exciting time as a new era in Spurs basketball has arrived. For the first time in many years we as fans truly do not know what to expect this season and our expectations of the possibilities of what can happen come to us in the flashes we get from the Spurs preseason play. Make no mistake Spurs fans to expect the unexpected will be something that will light this city on fire and I for one am looking forward to a new era in Spurs basketball and you as fans should be too. Go! Spurs! Go!