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What’s Next For The San Antonio Spurs?

Let’s be honest Spurs fans, the last couple of weeks have been rough for us. The Spurs are not in the NBA playoffs and things just don’t seem the same. But the big question is have we seen the last of the big three? Is this the end of the Timmy, Tony and Manu era? I believe Tim Duncan will return for another run at the championship along with Tony Parker, but Manu may have just played his last game as a Spur. Manu Ginobili has played for both the Spurs and his Argentina team for more than his fair share of seasons. I believe that his heart is telling him to compete but the body is saying it may be time to retire. Manu Ginobili was quoted as saying “Some days you feel proud and you think you did great,” he said. “And other games I say, ‘What the hell am I doing here? Why don’t I stay home and enjoy my kids?’ It’s a tough moment.”

The Spurs have given Manu Ginobili 1 month to decide if he will return or retire, all we can do is wait and see what his decision maybe. The Spurs have switched gears an inside source revealed. The Spurs will talk with Mark Gasol but are more likely to pursue LaMarcus Aldridge. The Spurs will offer Aldrige a max deal of $82 million and hope he will be enticed by the thought of playing for a run at the NBA championship. The San Antonio Spurs will also offer Kawhi Leonard a Max Deal in what is expected to be a short meeting. The Spurs hope that with the return of Kawhi Leonard and Tim Duncan the duo will recruit forward LaMarcus Aldridge to join the team. With all these max contracts being handed out the Spurs are reaching their salary cap. This means that fan favorite Danny Green will likely not return to the team as he would demand a $10-$12 milliion contract deal on the open market. The reality is we could see a very different team next year, but one that could come away with a 6th NBA title.

Spurs to offer max contract to Kawhi and go after LaMarcus Aldridge.

Kawhi Leonard & LaMarcus Aldridge priorities for Spurs.
Kawhi Leonard & LaMarcus Aldridge priorities for Spurs.


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  1. Richard Lee Ochoa Avatar

    if the San Antonio Spurs Will Bring Back LaMarcus Aldridge As a Free Agent this year JHJe Will Fit in With the Big Four For the San Antonio Spurs this year.