Wan-Bissaka’s diary: I’m inspired by Michael Jordan

Paul Garcia Manchester United FC

Who is your all-time favourite defender to watch? [via @RealistYahz]
Dani Alves, I think. I just liked the way he expressed himself throughout the whole game. He played in that amazing Barcelona team and he was a big part of the success they had.

Do you have any hobbies or play any instruments? [via @CamMurUTD]
I really like gaming, but no instruments… well, I haven’t played one in years. I played the piano at high school. I’m alright, quite basic. It’s difficult to start off playing, tough to learn. I think Axel plays it too, actually.

How do you feel when watching highlights of your performances? [via @a_y_jesu]
Right now, it makes me miss the game. That’s the negative side of it, I guess. It makes me miss football a lot. But generally I do enjoy it, it’s really useful. It shows me how I’ve improved from last year, what I’ve done differently and what I can do better. I enjoy watching myself back, watching the team play, because you can see the improvements we’re making.

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