Video: This Guardian Kill Takes Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Trick Shots To New Heights

Mike Chiari Nintendo

There’s a whole community out there for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that has taken the game to new heights – with fancy in-game exploits and tricks. The latest clip doing the rounds on the internet is shared by the Japanese YouTube channel ゼルダねこ (as spotted by Twitter user GamesCage). It’s yet another stunning Guardian kill, titled “1400m BtB trick shot”.

Despite the name, it’s actually highly calculated. Link hops out a window, fires off an arrow into the sky, and then bounces off a Bokoblin below with a Guardian Shield. This sends him soaring across the sky, alongside the arrow – which lines up perfectly with a Guardian Stalker in the distance (see 0:00 – 0:59).

This same video goes into detail about how “moon jumps” have been used to measure the distance between the two points (1400m, all up). Just be sure to activate closed captions for the translation. What do you think of this latest “trick shot”? Do you think you could ever recreate something like this? Tell us in the comments.