Tony Parker and Boris Diaw discuss changing teams and retirement … on a sailboat

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Watch Tony Parker and Ronny Turiaf join Diaw for his big announcement.

Former French teammates and best friends Tony Parker, Boris Diaw and Ronny Turiaf recently gathered on Diaw’s boat to discuss their Bromance for YouTube channel “Bros. Stories”.

Most of the video is centered around Diaw and his decision to retire from professional sports this summer after playing last season in France, and at the 5:00 mark Parker also discusses his decision to sign with the Charlotte Hornets, and how with the Spurs “rebuilding” and trying to get younger he felt it was the right time to try something new.

You can catch that and plenty more — who doesn’t enjoy just lounging around with Bobo? — by watching below or clicking here.

(Note: The video is in French. If you aren’t getting the English subtitles, click the “CC” icon in the bottom right corner of the video. If they’re aren’t in English, click the settings/gear icon and change the subtitle language to English.)

We’ve dealt with plenty of sad news this summer, including another Spur’s retirement, but somehow Diaw manages to make everything seem. . .happy. Enjoy your retirement, Bobo!

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