December 8, 2023

Tim Duncan’s daughter steals the show

Here are today’s best Spurs news and articles.

Despite missing Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker, the Spurs did what they were supposed to do on opening night by beating the up-and-coming but still-figuring-it-out Minnesota Timberwolves 107-99.

However, the Spurs doing Spurs things on national TV wasn’t what caught everyone’s attention, but rather it was Quill Duncan, the daughter of Tim Duncan and Vanessa Macias, who was caught by the cameras being too cute to handle by teething on her daddy’s shirt:

Her adorableness not only garnered plenty of reaction on social media, but it also distracted from the fact that – as far as we know – Big Fun was in the house to watch a game for the first time since his jersey ceremony 10 months ago. I’m sure he’s grateful to Quill for taking the spotlight off of him.

This is DJ’s time to shine

All it took was one game for Dejounte Murray to move past his forgettable performances in the Summer League and preseason (at least from a fan’s perspective) and show why Gregg Popovich has faith in him to be his starting point guard.

  • He offered a glimpse of the future with an excellent showing on offense and finding his leadership voice, impressing is idol and mentor Jamal Crawford along the way.
  • He also knows his best asset is his length, and he plans to use his 7-foot wingspan for good. He even has the green light from Pop to “be greedy” on the defensive end, and we all saw what good that can bring:

A couple of BR lists

When there’s little else out there, Bleacher Report’s infamous slideshows (now thankfully in a one-page list format) are always a good read to occupy some time.

  • Here’s a list of one player from every team that is under the most pressure this season. It’s probably predictable who that is for the Spurs…
  • Also, here is every team’s most promising player under the age of 25. Again, you should know who that is.

The Sandwich Hunter returns!

Matt Bonner, who has thankfully decided to grace Spurs fans with his presence on the broadcast team once again, sat down with Sports Illustrated to pick out a sandwich for his former coach and several teammates. I’m glad it’s lunch time because this made me hungry.


  • Brian Windhurst and Bobby Marks joined Adrian Wojnarowski on The Woj Pod to discuss the hottest NBA topics of the week. The Spurs got a solid 15 minutes of air time as LaMarcus Aldridge and his extension were discussed, as well as Pau Gasol’s contract and Murray’s emergence as Parker’s successor. (If you only want the Spurs part, start at 21:42, but the entire thing is worth listening to.)
  • Also if you missed it, be sure to check out SB Nation’s Limited Upside Podcast. They finally got to the Spurs season preview earlier this week and were joined by JR Wilco and Bruno Passos for some excellent analysis (quite conveniently right after Aldridge signed his extension).

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Source: Pounding The Rock


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