‘This Is Becoming A Joke Now!’ ‘Awful Idea’ Fans React To Plans To Overhaul The Champions League

UEFA are considering changing the group stages of the Champions League in 2024, according to reports in the English media.

The new proposals include just one league of 32 or 36 clubs. Each team would play ten teams at random, with five games at home and five away. The top 16 clubs would then qualify for the knockout stages, with the team finishing 1st playing 16th place, 2nd playing 15th etc.

It is believed that the “Swiss System”, as it is known, will be tabled in the next two weeks with both the European Club Association (ECA) and the European Leagues organisation said to be open to the change. Supporters on Twitter are very much against the proposed plan:

This would have a huge impact on English football. Adding four more group games would effectively stop teams from the Premier League participating in the Carabao Cup while there would be question marks over the FA Cup as well.

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