This 12-year-old San Antonio YouTuber just launched her own makeup palette

A year and a half ago, 12-year-old Adrialynn Alvarado posted her first makeup tutorial during a Facebook Live on her grandmother’s page. Today, the San Antonio native has nearly 3,000 subscribers on YouTube and her own makeup collection.

Alvarado created her first eyeshadow palette collaboration with Texas-based makeup company XNO Cosmetics. The 21-color palette launched Nov. 13, and its theme is the year 2020. Among the colors are a glittering white named “Toilet Paper” and  a matte orange named “Fake News.”

“It feels super exciting because I started this for fun and I didn’t think it would get this far,” Alvarado said. “It is super crazy.”

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After a few videos on her grandma’s account of her and her sister playing with makeup, Alvarado’s mother decided she should start her own page to show off her skills. Going under the name of MUE Cupcake Unicorn Sparkles, the YouTuber has spent the last year posting makeup tutorials as well as videos on her life.

A few months ago, Alvarado’s Instagram page caught the eye of XNO Cosmetics founder Brandy Keppol.

“When I first saw her work, I just thought she was so cute and the most talented 12-year-old I have ever seen,” Keppol said. “But a big thing for me was that I could see how much Adrialynn’s family supported her makeup and that really spoke to me.”

The XNO founder said her own parents had been against a career in makeup. When she saw how supportive the Alvarado family was, Keppol said she knew she wanted that kind of relationship associated with her brand.

“This is the most exciting collaboration and palette I have ever done,” Keppol. “The whole thing just made my heart happy.”

From picking the color names to designing the shade range, Alvarado and her family were involved in every step of the palette creation. Alvarado said she wanted to make sure her collaboration was colorful and bright but could also be used by those looking for neutral looks

Alvarado’s palette is available now at XNO Cosmetics and customers can receive a discount by using the code CUPCAKE.

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