There’ll Never Be Another Tim Duncan. Ever.


BOSTON — We all knew this day was going to come sooner or later.

The day when Tim Duncan, one of the most fundamentally sound players the NBA has ever known, would call it quits and retire with the San Antonio Spurs.

No farewell tour, a la Kobe Bryant.  Just a simple, 540-word statement released by the Spurs which — surprise, surprise — did not contain a single quote from Duncan.

It was fitting that the statement was essentially a rundown of what he has done in the league, an appropriate farewell for a player who so often let his game speak for itself.

We have seen our share of stars come and go recently, but few did so with as little fanfare as Duncan.

You hear coaches all the time try and convince players to put the team’s agenda ahead of their own, but few embodied that principle as well as Duncan.

And around these parts, seeing Duncan waltz into the sunset of his career has a bittersweet tinge to it.

When Duncan was selected with the top pick in 1997, the Boston Celtics had the best chance to draft him of any team, which would have ushered in another decade (or two) of dominance by the Celtics…..Read More

    There’ll Never Be Another Tim Duncan.

Source: Tim Duncan announces retirement, ending great career with San Antonio Spurs


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