The Spurs are committed to the process.

Martin M Dominguez Spurs News


It’s a process.

You’ve probably heard this before. Whether it’s Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan or any random schmo with a Twitter account, the reality is that this season will be a process. Integrating LaMarcus Aldridge, a four-time All-Star, into the Spurs death machine isn’t instantaneous. It can’t happen without a hitch or without mistakes. There will be moments of uncertainty as the entire starting lineup needs to adjust and compensate for Aldridge’s talents. Aldridge, for obvious reasons, is a different player than Tiago Splitter.¬†Every season, especially for a franchise that abides by the¬†pounding the rock philosophy, is a process. This season, however, is a task unlike any other…….Read More

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