December 8, 2023

The reasons LaMarcus Aldridge is playing so well

There are many of them, so it’s fun to talk about them all.

First and foremost, I should let you know that this isn’t a dive into Xs and Os. Second, it’s a conversation on a podcast. Third, LaMarcus Aldridge isn’t the first thing discussed, but when your partner in conversation is Dave DuFour of the On the NBA podcast, then the journey is enjoyable enough that you don’t mind taking a little time with it — and I had a blast talking about San Antonio basketball with Dave.

We discuss the Spurs’ excellent start, the emergence of Dejounte Murray, why Davis Bertans isn’t getting much playing time … and LMA’s play: what it took to get to the point where he’s so comfortable, and how it came about.

The player is below, so you should feel free to listen here, or download/subscribe/follow/etc to your heart’s content.

Source: Pounding The Rock


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