The MANU Tournament, Round 1: Dunks

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Come vote and move four Manu dunks to the Sweet 16.

Welcome to the final installment of Round 1 of the The MANU Tournament, where today we will be voting on Manu Ginobili’s best dunks of all time. Although athleticism eluded him in his final years, that didn’t stop the now 41-year-old from dunking when he felt the moment was right. When Manu came charging in with determination, not even a giant could stop him.

In true NCAA Tournament format, each play has been seeded one through eight, going head-to-head with its opposite seed (1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, etc.), and the winners will advance to the Sweet 16 next week. Be sure to vote for a winner of each match-up, and remember everyone can only vote once, so make yours count. If you haven’t already, go back and vote for Round 1 of Assists/Passes, Blocks, and Shots.

Without further ado, here are Manu’s completely undisputed top eight dunks of all time!

1 vs. 8

1. Dunk on Chris Bosh (Game 5, 2014 Finals)

8. Old man put-back vs. Nets (2018)

4 vs. 5

4. Dunk on multiple Lakers (2004)

5. 4th quarter dunk vs. Pistons (Game 7, 2005 Finals)

2 vs. 7

2. Dunk on Yao Ming (2007)

7. One-handed dunk vs. Nuggets (2018)

3 vs. 6

3. Dunk vs. Hornets (2009)

6. Reverse dunk vs. Rockets (Game 5, 2017 WCF)

That’s it for Round 1! Remember all polls will close on Sunday at 6:00 PM CT, and the Sweet 16 will begin on Monday.

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