The MANU Tournament, Round 1: Assists/Passes

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Come vote and move four Manu passes to the Sweet 16.

Welcome to Round 1 of the The MANU Tournament, where today we will be voting on Manu Ginobili’s best assists and passes of all time. Through creativity, deception, and sheer power, Manu will likely forever be considered one of the greatest (and most entertaining) passers of all time.

In true NCAA Tournament format, each play has been seeded one through eight, going head-to-head with its opposite seed (1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, etc.), and the winners will advance to the Sweet 16 next week. Be sure to vote for a winner of each match-up, and remember everyone can only vote once, so make yours count. Without further ado, here are Manu’s completely undisputed top eight passes of all time!

1 vs. 8

1. Bullet pass to Bonner (2012)

8. No-look to Leonard (2017)

4 vs. 5

4. Over-the-head to Green (2014)

5. Behind-the-back to Blair (2009)

2 vs. 7

2. Full-court hammer to Green (2014)

7. Half-court bounce pass to Belinelli (2013)

3 vs. 6

3. Norris Cole Nutmeg (Game 1, 2013 Finals)

6. Behind-the-back to Mills (2015)

Check back tomorrow for Round 1 of Blocks! Remember all polls for Round 1 will close on Sunday at 6:00 PM CT.

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