The biggest reasons to celebrate Patty Mills return to the Spurs.

Martin M Dominguez Spurs News

The biggest reason why the San Antonio Spurs should celebrate the return of Patty Mills is both Manu Ginobili and Boris Diaw can now return to their natural positions in the Spurs lineup. While Corey Joseph has been doing a great job starting in place of the injured Tony Parker with the return of Mills as the backup point guard, both Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker can now get much needed rest throughout the season. With the return of Patty Mills to the Spurs lineup he brings a three point threat that the Spurs have been lacking as of late. Patty Mills is an excellent outside shooter that can play off the ball and on the ball along with his solid shooting and high energy defense.  Patty Mills return brings a stat that does not show up on paper and that is heart, with his energetic play and tenacity he brings a high level of play to the Spurs that was surely missed in his absence.

With the return of Patty Mills the Spurs can start returning to their championship form.