The 2015 NBA Finals Not The Same Without The Spurs.

Spurs Team Experience.

The 2015 NBA Finals are set to start Thursday June 4th at 8:00 PM CST and the world will be watching as the Golden State Warriors take on the Cleveland Cavaliers. This years NBA Finals will not be the same without the San Antonio Spurs and the beautiful game they showed the world last season. The story lines this year will no doubt involve LeBron James and his 5th straight NBA Finals appearance, along with two rookie coaches and a 40 year drought ending in Golden State. With such a stage already set it would only be fitting to see the proverbial under dogs win it all. The question is who is the under dog coming into this match up? The under dog in the media’s eye will be the Golden State Warriors as the media has already crowned their new NBA champion the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now I am not hating on either team both teams played hard and deserve the right to play for the championship. Granted both teams are deserving of their accolades, however they are still not the San Antonio Spurs. Last years Spurs team was among the best to ever play the game and it was a bitter pill to swallow as the clock hit zero in game 7 of the Spurs VS Clippers game as the Silver & Black lost. I hope the Spurs watch the game with conviction and know that could of been them in the finals this year and come back stronger and more eager than ever to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. I will be watching the NBA finals if for nothing else to see what could have been, as losing is just as important as winning because without the struggle you can never really appreciate your reign at the top.

2015 NBA Finals go on without the San Antonio Spurs.


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