Ten fearless Spurs predictions for the upcoming season.

Martin M Dominguez Spurs News

Okay, *technically* the NBA season started on Tuesday. I saw something about it while I was flipping the dial looking for highbrow fare on The Discovery Channel. The real NBA however, the one revolving around the Spurs, starts tips tonight. So here are ten predictions about how the season will go for the fellas.

1. Tim Duncan will set a career-high in field goal percentage.

Bunnies! Bunnies everywhere. So many bunnies that he we should call him whatever the rabbit version of shepherd is. Bunnyherder? Nah, that doesn’t sound right. The point is that a higher percentage of Duncan’s shots than ever before will come from point blank range right at the rim as he takes over Tiago Splitter’s “roll man” job in the offense to make way forLaMarcus Aldridge’s pick-and-pops from all over the key……..Read More

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