Ten Essential San Antonio Artists to Support on Bandcamp While it Waives Revenue Share

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In March, online music distributor Bandcamp waived its revenue share in an effort to help independent artists impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. After a whopping $4.3 million went straight into the pockets of Bandcamp’s artists, the website intends to give a repeat performance.

Today — as well as on June 5 and July 3 — Bandcamp won’t take its cut of profits from sales of music and merchandise through use of its site. Meaning every dollar you spend on Bandcamp will directly support your favorite San Antonio musicians.

Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a list of 10 San Antonio-connected independent artists for you to check out:

Claire Rousay
Exploring queerness, human relationships, and self-perception, Rousay offers a sound exploration like no other. Her works are in the avant-garde realm and feature improvisations, ambience, and electronic elements. The best part? In addition to her mid-April release a heavenly touch, her latest album drops today on Anhuac Editions. clairerousay.bandcamp.com.

Porridge Fist
A prog-shoegaze band that delivers soundscapes as big & thick as their name. With haunting lyrics and instrumentation to match, Porridge Fist demands your full attention as soon as you hit play. porridgefist.bandcamp.com.

Need your face melted, stat? This will be the link to follow. Listeners be warned: this hardcore doom-punk band will make you want to open up a pit in your living room. pinkosanantonio.bandcamp.com.


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Polly Anna
Treat your ears to lush dreampop soundscapes accompanied with catchy hooks and memorable melodies. Polly Anna breathes lyrical beauty and realness into each of her works. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t started listening sooner. jazzcochina.bandcamp.com.

Jejune Stars
Whether you start at the beginning of their discography or are checking out their latest release, Jejune Stars captures that quintessential “indie rock” sound. If you need your fix of chill indie music, this is the best place to get it. jejunestars.bandcamp.com.

Bedroom pop that’s sweet enough melodically to relax you but lyrically powerful enough to hit you right in the chest. Elnuh creates a melancholy tone that somehow feels like a breath of fresh air with each and every track. elnuh.bandcamp.com.

Primarily the work of Luke Mitchell, Slowmobile goes beyond the tried and true sounds of dreampop and blends in experimental elements and unexpected yet organic feeling rhythms, creating a new but familiar sound. slomobile.bandcamp.com.

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More Eaze
Though she’s now based in Austin, it’s best not to sleep on experimental artist More Eaze. The San Antonio native shakes up the musical art form in all the right ways, offering an intriguing avant-garde experience that ranges from methodically constructed instrumentation to more freeform sounds. Her latest album, Mari, a deeply personal project three years in the making, was released on Orange Milk Records last week. orangemilkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/mari.

Chris Conde
Queer rapper and Current contributor Chris Conde blends hip-hop, avant-garde and indie rock elements to create some of the most unique rap you may ever hear. Each track has heart, direction and purpose. There are no wasted words here. chrisconde.bandcamp.com.

Darian Thomas
If a classical and electronic hybrid sounds like the genre for you, look no further than Darian Thomas. Thomas’ oeuvre is an auditory testament to creativity. Moving string performances layered and looped with modern synth pads lend themselves to a meditative and passionate collection of music. And while he may have left us for Brooklyn, Thomas is still near and dear to our hearts. ddt93.bandcamp.com.

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