Surprise, Surprise! Super Mario 3D All-Stars Prices Skyrocket As Scalpers Set Up Shop

SM3DAS Scalpers

The Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection is no longer for sale, and sure enough, prices of physical copies are beginning to surge online.

Some scalpers are now requesting hundreds and even thousands of dollars for individual copies of Nintendo’s limited-release on websites such as eBay. Nintendo Switch subreddit user, TommyFrickster789, explains how prices for new but essentially second-hand copies are already out of hand.

“I saw somebody selling it for $10000 dollars, and there was someone else selling it at $1000, and another person selling it at $130 dollars.”

We had a look ourselves, and sadly it’s all true. Some eBay sellers who have hoarded multiple copies are asking for more than $100 a pop, while others are requesting absolutely insane sums of money venturing well into the thousands.

Super Mario 3D All Stars EBay Nintendo Life IMG© Nintendo Life

Fortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any bids on the higher-priced copies and there are some far more reasonable listings, around the suggested RRP – still, it’s not a great outlook for this game, when stock begins to run dry.

While a digital copy would normally be an option in this scenario, unfortunately, Nintendo has obviously decided to pull this version of Super Mario 3D All-Stars as well. So if you haven’t already secured your copy of this three-in-one Mario game collection, we suggest you act fast and take what you can get (without breaking the bank).

Notably, we saw the same thing with the limited release of the Sanrio amiibo cards last week. Are you at all surprised to see the prices of Mario’s physical collection increasing? Did you secure a copy yourself? Tell us down below.

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