San Antonio Spurs 2014 training camp is almost here.

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San Antonio Spurs 2014 training camp is almost here.

Before the 2013-2014  NBA champs San Antonio Spurs begin training camp this Friday September 27th we must first remember the season that was and will always be remembered as one of the best in Spurs history.  I am sure everyone will always remember the heart ache that was game six of the 2013 NBA Finals and the scar not only the Spurs carried but the fans as well throughout the 2013-2014 season.  But going into last season the Spurs had a different feel to them you can call it determination or focus but I called it vengeance and boy did it show come playoff time. The Spurs just played a beautiful game so much so that not just the fans noticed but so did everyone else.

San Antonio Spurs Tribute Video “The Beautiful Game”

[youtube] From start to finish the San Antonio Spurs showed the league what class was and how the game should be played and in the end we got our vengeance on the Miami Heat and showed the world what a true champion was all about. But let us not forget one important part to the puzzle it’s something that can’t always be at every game but it bleeds and cries with the team throughout the season with every high and every low its there. What is this force that can lift a team to victory when all else fails why it’s the secret sixth man on the bench and it’s called  a Spurs fan.  So this season lets support our NBA Champs the San Antonio Spurs with class and dignity and know that we as fans represent the team as well so let’s do it with pride and show the league why San Antonio Spurs fans are the best in the NBA.


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