Spurs Fans Expectations At An All Time High.

Martin M Dominguez SPURS FAN CAVE, Spurs News

The San Antonio Spurs have been a model of consistency since the 1998 season winning more than 60 percent of their games since the arrival of Tim Duncan. The Spurs have won 5 NBA Championships in the last 16 years and have made the playoffs every year since 1998. With all the talk of Golden State and the Cavs being the favorites to win it all, seems the league has once again underestimated the Spurs. Not that it would bother the San Antonio Spurs at all but this year I sense the Silver & Black will surprise everyone. This upcoming season has a different feel as you can see the confidence the fans have in the team. With expectations at an all time high, nothing short of a sixth NBA championship will be seen as a complete failure. We as fans have come to expect much from our team and have a winning record year after year is one of them.  On July 4th 2015 this summer we got the biggest news as LaMarcus Aldridge decided to sign with the San Antonio Spurs. You could literally hear all Spurs Fans across the city erupt in celebration, you could literally feel the excitement in the air. The Spurs came away with the biggest addition to the team since Tim Duncan and it was great to witness this part of Spur history in the making. This year we will not wonder what if, we will only anticipate the inevitable, and that will be adding a sixth NBA championship trophy to our collection. Who else can hear the car horns honking and the Go! Spurs! Go! chant already in anticipation of the season. This season why should we wait for the playoffs to show our Spurs pride? Let’s put up our car flags and cover the city in Silver and Black from day one. Let’s show the world why Spurs fans are the best in the NBA and represent our city and team with pride. Here’s to a great season my fellow Spurs fans and from all indications it will be a very special one so live in the moment and cherish every second of it. Go! Spurs! Go!

Spurs Fans Celebrate 5th NBA Championship.