Spurs Fan Cave Partners With The Crocketteers.

Martin M Dominguez Spurs News

Spurs Fan Cave and Crocketteers Soccer Supporters group Partner Together to Support Professional Sports in San Antonio. The Spurs Fan Cave and the Crocketteers will be working together this year to support San Antonio Sports. The mutual agreement will allow both groups to cross promote tailgate and watch parties, game events and other sports related get togethers. “The San Antonio Spurs and San Antonio FC are by far the two teams San Antonians love to support.There is a lot of crossover with our fans who love San Antonio FC and love the Spurs”, said Crocketteers President James Hope. “We look forward to working with our brothers and sisters from Spurs Fan Cave to cross promote each other’s events and to do what we can to support our city.

Spurs Fan Cave President Joe Garcia said, “We are excited with this partnership between Crocketteers and Spurs Fan Cave and can’t wait to come out to some tailgates and San Antonio FC matches this Summer. We also look forward to members of the Crocketteers joining us at our events when basketball season rolls around.”

The Spurs Fan Cave is involved with many charities across the Alamo city and prides itself on making a difference in the community. The Spurs Fan Cave love’s hosting watch parties all over San Antonio and meeting our fellow Spurs fans.

The Crocketteers have built their brand to honor the heroes of the Battle of the Alamo. Their motto is simply “Victory or Death” as written by William B. Travis during their 13 days of glory defending San Antonio’s most important landmark, the Alamo. Their goal is to give our support to our team the San Antonio FC. We believe a soccer team can only be as strong as the fans that support the team.

If San Antonio is going to have a soccer franchise, then it is our duty as soccer fans to grow our numbers and to be the 12th man on the pitch. We want opposing teams to know that this is SA…OUR CITY OUR HOME!!!

The Crocketteers San Antonio’s Premier Soccer Supporters.