Spurs face first-world problems in the desert.

Spurs face first-world problems in the desert.

I’m always entertained by Jeff McDonald’s twitter feed. The SA Express-News Spurs beat writer seems to take personal joy in responding to the Chicken Littles of Spurs Nation with a dose of realism and dry wit. Of course, I’m a typical SA fan with a penchant for believing the cold, uncaring universe is just itching to turn on my teams’ fortunes at the slightest provocation, so it’s always nice to have my soul soothed by Jeff’s particular brand of basketball antacid. That’s what makes seeing tweets like these sent out during the Spurs’ 118-111 win over the moribund Phoenix Suns all the more concerning.

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If Jeff McDonald sees a problem, doesn’t that mean there’s a problem? Granted, he never explicitly says there’s a “problem”, since he’s one of those annoyingly rational people who ladle out facts and then wait for you and I to make the necessary inference; but it’s impossible to argue, either from the numbers or the eye test, that things haven’t looked the same for the Spurs since their ill-fated trip to Oracle Arena in late January…..Read More

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