Spurs deny King James again in a 2 point win against the Cavaliers.

The San Antonio Spurs denied King James again in a 92-90 win against the Cleveland Cavaliers as the game ends on a costly turnover by LeBron. The highlight of the night was watching Lebron James dribble the ball behind his back only to have Tim Duncan swat the ball away and it ending up in the hands of Manu Ginobili who threw the ball in the air as time expired.  Tim Duncan finished the game with 19 points as did Boris Diaw followed by Kawhi Leonard’s 12 points. The Cavs player of the game was Anderson Varejao who had a game high 23 point followed by LeBron’s 15 point and Kyrie Irving’s 20 points. The Spurs are only one of three teams in which LeBron James has a losing record against including the regular season and the playoffs.


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