Spurs Could Waive Tim Duncan As A Parting Gift If He Retires.

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The San Antonio Spurs could see the Tim Duncan era come to an end after 19 seasons this weekend. Tim Duncan is expected to make his decision on whether to play one more season or retire by Saturday. It is speculated by members of the media that Duncan will in fact retire. Tim Duncan is only one of three players in NBA history to have played 19 seasons with one team.
This is a rarity in the NBA where superstars now chase rings jumping from team to team. The Spurs could give Tim Duncan one last parting gift if he retires by waiving him, While this is unthinkable the logic behind this move would be the best thing to do.
By waiving Tim Duncan if he decides to retire the Spurs will ensure he receives all the $6.4 million due to him on his contract next season. While I wish to see Timmy come back for one more year as do most fans, it would not surprise me if he retires. Thanks for all the memories Tim you are one of a kind and there will never be another one like you.

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