Spurs Censored or Uncensored? What’s The Deal?

Spurs Censored Or Uncensored?

Lately it seems we have a plethora of San Antonio Spurs fans trolling the pages of Facebook proclaiming themselves as “Sports Analyst.” These brand of Spurs fans see the world as one-sided meaning if you do not agree with what they say and do you are not a true fan? This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, we are all entitled to have our own opinions. When one tries to tell you what to do and how to think it’s no longer a democracy it’s a dictatorship. Last I checked we live in the United States the land of the “free,” where the freedom of speech is just one of our most precious gifts. We are all Spurs fans and yes we are passionate about our team, but we should never put down other Spurs fans. The Spurs organization is the model franchise of the NBA and we as fans should model ourselves in the same manner. We may not all agree with one another’s opinions, but at the end of the day we should understand that we are all fans of the same team. That means we should treat each other with respect, because we are all Spurs family.

Spurs Fans We Are All Spurs Family.


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