Spurs’ Buford tempered ‘lonely summer’ by re-signing Ginobili

SAN ANTONIO – All of the turnover within the Spurs organization the past few months left general manager R.C. Buford wondering if he had done something wrong.“It was a lonely summer,” he said. “I thought I must have made somebody mad. But I’m excited about our new group. We’ve got some really terrific people who have joined our organization and there’s a great opportunity to grow together.”The biggest loss, of course, was Tim Duncan. But Buford is grateful that he was left with the task of attempting to replace only one legend after the club re-signed Manu Ginobili to a one-year, $14 million deal.“To have had to replace them both at the same time would have been even more impactful than when each one decides to leave as individuals,” Buford said. “I don’t know how you judge that or gauge that other than that we know there is a transition approaching for our organization and it will be better if it’s a more managed transition than if it all happens at the same time.”

Source: Spurs’ Buford tempered ‘lonely summer’ by re-signing Ginobili – Spurs Nation