Should we be expecting more out of the San Antonio Spurs?

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There is no question the San Antonio Spurs have struggled so far this season but is it time to hit the panic button? The answer to the question is a resounding no, the Spurs did have a tough December and have played with injuries much of the season. Think about it Spurs fans when was the last time we saw all 5 starters on the floor at the same time? The answer is game 5 of the NBA finals, since that time the Spurs starting lineup has been plagued with injuries. The bright side to all the injuries has been the bench has been getting more playing time which is huge as every team needs a deep bench if they expect to go deep into the post season. With that said it’s not time to panic Spurs fans the Silver and Black will be in the championship run at the end of the season and in the hunt for the race for seis.


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