Several Local San Antonio Artist show their team pride through amazing Spurs Art.

Martin M Dominguez Spurs News

San Antonio is a unique city filled with some amazing people doing great things to inspire the community around them. Throughout the year I have had the pleasure of meeting several local artist who are die-hard Spurs fans. Their artwork looks to inspire the community with Silver and Black pride.

Artist David Blancas Spurs Art. 

David Blancas is a local San Antonio artist who is a huge Spurs fan and was so inspired by the team he painted several portraits to include Tony Parker, Danny Green and Coach Pop. David Blancas has very unique art style that makes for some stunning visuals. You can see more of David Blancas art this Saturday at The Paint Yard from 1-8pm at the free event know as Lone Star Wars. This event will showcase one of a kind Star Wars artwork done by both David Blancas and the amazing artist of The Paint Yard to include Nik Soupe & Scotch.

Spurs Fan Cave Interview With David Blancas.


Artist Christopher Montoya Spurs Coyote Mural.

Another amazing artist I met this summer is Christopher Montoya who did an amazing Spurs Coyote Mural.  The Spurs Coyote Mural can be seen at the Best Tickets located on 926 AT&T Center Parkway. Artist Christopher Montoya looked to break the mold of the usual Spurs Murals you see all over town. With the usual Spurs players such as Tim, Tony and Manu Ginobili on the side of a wall. Christopher Montoya thought outside the box and his unique idea of painting the Spurs Coyote in the old school Spurs colors is amazing. The level of detail using both spray paint and brushes has to be seen in person.  To find out more about local San Antonio artist Christopher Montoya go to his website

Spurs Fan Cave Interview With Christopher Montoya.


Artist Victor De La Fuente Spurs Art.

The most recent artist I also had the pleasure of meeting is Victor De La Fuente. This die-hard Spurs fan unique portraits of the Spurs are breathtaking. Victor De La Fuente is able to capture the emotion of the players and translate that to canvas. He painted portraits of popular Spurs players Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Recently Victor De La Fuente had his art featured in a story on by journalist Madalyn Mendoza. For more information on local San Antonio artist Vic De La Fuente go to his website

Spurs Fan Cave Interview With Vcitor De La Fuente.