San Antonio The City Of Champions.

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San Antonio The City Of Champions.

Our City never sleeps, it breaths, it bleeds, it’s alive and with every beat of it’s heart there is one thing that’s clear. The blood that flows through it’s veins is silver and black.  Our city has no heroes, it has champions and we all wear silver and black. While we may not all come out on TV and our names are not Timmy, Tony or Manu. We live, we breathe as one team, one family and our cheers and screams span past the At&t Center and spill into the streets. Where our cheers become one, just as the fans and the team are one, we are and always will be champions.  True champions never quit, never take their eye off the prize and no matter the odds, always find a way to win. With that being said let’s unite San Antonio and remind our team. The San Antonio Spurs, that champions rise up when faced with adversity. No matter the odds, no matter how hard the journey is a champion will arise above it all and win. Let’s support our team starting now! Bring out the flags,  jersey’s, t-shirts and lets black out the entire city with our Spurs pride. Go! Spurs! Go!

San Antonio The City Of Champions Tribute Video.


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