December 9, 2023

San Antonio Spurs Too Unpredictable To Repeat?

San Antonio Spurs Too Unpredictable To Repeat? Not in my book.

The San Antonio Spurs have had a the tale of two season’s, last year the Spurs started the season with a look of determination and took out their frustrations out on the whole league. After a heart breaking loss to the Miami Heat in game 6 the Spurs rebounded giving us the beautiful game and clinched their 5th NBA championship. This year however we are seeing a very different team as the Spurs have been inconsistent this season. The beautiful game we all fell in love with has yet to show itself consistently and the hot three point shooting and passing have not been there. But before we hit the panic button and declare the Spurs too unpredictable to repeat as most of the sports analyst have done. We need to remember that every year has it’s story and every playoff run has it moments. These moments are when a three point play or a last second shot to win the game turns the course of the game and ultimately the series. The Spurs have had many playoff moments and we have many more to look forward to this year. The San Antonio Spurs still have things to work on before the playoffs begin as most teams do. I for one think the Spurs are actually playing possum and are not showing the rest of the league what they are really capable of. Granted the Spurs have lost some close games to the Cleveland Cavaliers and most recently to the Dallas Mavericks. But if it takes a star player scoring  58 or even 38 points to beat the Spurs, I think they are on the right track to repeat as champs. The San Antonio Spurs are still the Champs and until someone takes them out, they will be the favorite to win it all as no team can beat the Spurs in a seven game series.

San Antonio Spurs Still The Favorite To Repeat As Champs. 

Spurs still the favorite to repeat as Champs.



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