San Antonio Spurs: Best Move They Did And Didn’t Make.

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The San Antonio Spurs saw one of the all-time greats retire this offseason. Did they make the right moves to replace him? And how did they do in the draft?

The NBA offseason kicks off every year around the first of July, and fans of every team fill their hearts and message boards with dreams of what player their team could sign. The possibilities of this superstar pairing with that superstar make every team a possible contender.

Offseasons never go the way teams expect, either. For every move a team makes, there are 10 that they didn’t make. The Golden State Warriors signed Kevin Durant, but they didn’t find a way to keep Festus Ezeli, or to draft a point guard to replace Shaun Livingston next year. What’s done is never enough, and what lies undone is almost always more tantalizing.

Starting with the defending champions, and moving down the list of early title favorites to end up in Brooklyn, we will walk through each team to praise them for the best move they made this offseason — and call them out on the best move they didn’t make.

The San Antonio Spurs won the most games in franchise history last season, but it wasn’t enough to reach even the conference finals in the West. With Tim Duncan retiring, did the Spurs make the right moves to stay in contention? What move was out there that they didn’t make?…..Read More

Source: San Antonio Spurs: Best Move They Did And Didn’t Make