Rift? There’s no rift in San antonio

You may commence over-analyzing at will.

For starters, the “rift” may have been premature. Or just misconstrued. Or just opportunistic for those who love to create havoc where no apparent static clings.

Jalen Rose (here we go with Jalen Rose again) first “broke” the news that “Kawhi wanted out of San Antonio.” He backed it with zero reference or a credible source, but putting the words out there was enough to get pundits, bloggers, and internet commentators sprouting theory in all corners of the web.

Stephen A. Smith supported a less than “ideal” situation between the Spurs handling of Leonard’s injury that was floating in NBA circles.

Last night offered a glimpse into the actual relationship. Notice Head Coach Gregg Popovich talking with LaMarcus Aldridge after LMA twisted his right ankle during the contest during the New Orleans Pelicans last night. As he walks away, you can see Kawhi Leonard was part of the conversation and there even seems to be a shape of a grin from The Klaw as well as Aldridge.

Although it may just be a moment, it should help curb the fear-mongering that has taken center-stage since Kawhi’s last game.

Just to reign it in a little- Kawhi Leonard is one of the quietest stars of the NBA. And Gregg Popovich has always played his hand close to the vest when discussing players — hence the phrase “family business” to maintain the need to manage situations in house.

This still seems to be one of those situations.

In light of word that Leonard may be suiting up later this month, I choose to take the friendly exchange as a sign that all is well.

Source: Pounding The Rock

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