Ray Allen wants to play for five teams including the San Antonio Spurs.

It was reported earlier in the season the the Spurs had contacted Ray Allen about possibly adding him to the team, but at the time he was still unsure about retiring or coming back for one more shot at a title. This week Ray Allen announced he has narrowed down his choices to just five teams which include the Washington Wizards, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs. This was reported through journalist Jordan Schultz, a Huffington Sports Columnist, Friday through Twitter. Other media outlets have also reported that Ray Allen would be evaluating his list of team to play for in January and  making a final decision no later than February.  If Ray Allen pick the Spurs the team will need to clear a roster spot and they two likely candidates would be Matt Bonner and Austin Daye. With Matt Bonner showing he still has game and with the limited playing time Austin Daye has seen this season the odds are the Spurs would either trade or waive Austin Daye should they acquire the services of Ray Allen.  This is just one report and there will  be more news and rumors as February draws near as this is when Ray Allen is expected to make his final decision.

Ray Allen narrows his list down to fives teams including the San Antonio Spurs.