Raptors vs. Lakers — Who you got?

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Since I’m going to the game, help me pick a side to root for.

I will be attending Sunday’s game at Staples Center between the Toronto Raptors (a.k.a “Spurs North”) and the Los Angeles Lakers. This is part of my odd season package in which I attend Laker home games against either the Spurs themselves or teams with at least two former Spur players. (I am hoping Boris Diaw signs with Charlotte so I can see him and the Oui Frenchman when the Hornets come to town.)

Sunday’s game led to a debate between J.R. Wilco and myself about which team Spurs fans will root for in a game between the Raptors and the Lakers.

On one hand, you have ex-Spurs Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green playing for the Raptors, which may favor rooting for Toronto. On the other hand, you have Kawhi Leonard playing for the Raptors, which for some may lead to rooting against the Raptors.

If you have a third hand, you have the Lakers playing, and Spurs fans always root against the Lakers, especially in a year in which the Spurs and Lakers are fighting for a playoff spot (high or low). And if a Spurs fan walks on all fours and has become a closet Lebron James fan (you know who you are), you root for the Lakers.

So much to consider!

J.R. suggested a poll, and he’s the boss. Who you got?

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