Random: Hades Fan Transforms Last Year’s Indie Hit Into A Fully-Functioning Arcade Cabinet

Mike Chiari Nintendo

Hades Switch.original

One of the highlights of 2020 was the indie hit Hades by Supergiant Games. The title was one of the best-selling indies on the Switch eShop and we said it was a heavenly trip to hell, awarding it an outstanding ten out of ten stars.

As you can probably imagine by now it has got some serious mega fans, and one over on Reddit by the name of canhazreddit has gone above and beyond by creating their very own custom arcade cabinet containing this quality roguelike.

The creator goes into a little extra detail, explaining how it’s powered by an “i5, Nvidia 1060” (computer components) and the cabinet itself is just a “giant wood” case. The left stick is an UltraStick 360 and while there are coin chutes on the unit, “sadly” they don’t actually work.

While the original idea was to use “a Switch” as the source, unfortunately, they couldn’t find exactly what they needed at the time to make this happen.

So Supergiant, time to get one for the office? How about everyone else – would you be interested in a Hades cabinet for your own place? Have you even played Hades yet? Leave a comment down below.