Random: Animal Crossing Meets Hades With These “Chthonic Villagers”

Mike Chiari Nintendo

It’s the crossover no one asked for, but we all secretly wanted: Animal Crossing: New Horizons x Hades! Thanks to Twitter user @greatsenpai, AKA Krizzia, we can enjoy the idea of our most favourite Greek gods dwelling in our AC towns. Imagine giving Lion-Achilles a wrapped-up gift of Nectar! Picture a beachside walk with Bird-Meg! And yes, of course Hypnos is a Sheep villager! He’s basically his own pillow, and he can count himself.

There are some fantastic details in Krizzia’s fanart re-imagining of two of 2020’s Best Games, and she also whipped up an alternative design for Zagreus (as a wolf instead of a death-themed Marshal) as well as a few of the gods as “special visiting NPCs”. Hermes is a duck. We love him.

We can’t lie – we’d love this collab to happen. We know it won’t, of course, but 2021 is the year of big dreams, and this is ours.

Which other Hades characters can you imagine as Animal Crossing villagers? Would any of your current villagers do well in hell? Tell us all about it in the comments!