Poll: Will Kawhi Leonard play against the Spurs in San Antonio?

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Kawhi Leonard is coming to SA, but will he play against the Spurs?

With the highly-anticipated Spurs vs. Raptors showdown coming up on January 3, much speculation has been made over whether former Spur and begrudged superstar Kawhi Leonard will participate in the match-up, or even make the trip. We appear to have an answer to at least one of those questions thanks to San Antonio Express News’ Mike Finger.

In behind-the-scenes NBA media news you may or may not find interesting, the PR staffs for the Spurs and Raptors have coordinated DeRozan’s and Kawhi’s pregame availabilities this week to ensure reporters can cover both if they wish. Should be crowded.

This can only mean that the Raptors plan on Leonard coming to San Antonio considering they are working with the Spurs to make sure there is plenty of room for his and DeMar DeRozan’s pregame interviews. They will likely both be in high demand from both sides of the isle, not to mention the national media (the game will be broadcast on TNT).

That’s one question potentially answered, but what about the other? So far Leonard has missed nine of the Raptors’ 38 games for various reasons, and they have gone 7-2 without him. He most recently missed their loss in Philadelphia on December 22. One would imagine that if he’s going to make the trip and face the Spurs’ media for the first time since March, he plans on playing, but we won’t know for sure until the injury reports are released.

What do you think, Spurs fans? Will Leonard be playing on the AT&T Center court for the first time since Jan. 13, 2018? Let us know in the poll below.

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