December 4, 2023

Open Thread: Manu hits another game winning shot

The Manuver will be televised.

For 47 minutes and 56.9 seconds the Dallas Mavericks kept the Spurs down, usually by a dozen or more. But then Manu Ginobili reached deep in his unending arsenal of talent to pull off the Manuver yet again. For the second time in two weeks, The Argentine saved the game and showed his grace and patience in closing out a close game.

And after two games of lackluster team performances while their superstar finds his legs, the Spurs shook off the rust and pulled off a win with their backs against the wall.

Happy Sunday, Spurs fans. The Thread is on holiday hours, which are the same as regular hours, but with more mistletoe.

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Source: Pounding The Rock


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