Of Course Kawhi Leonard Deflected Credit For His DPOY.

After becoming a back-to-back winner of Defensive Player of the Year on Monday, we were curious to hear what Kawhi Leonard would say when the inevitable glare coming from the announcement foisted a microphone in his face. This is a guy who would rather play basketball in an arena empty of spectators, so any commendations for his two-way exploits, or his defensive acumen, were parried quickly grace. The Book of Klaw will not allow gloating.

So it wasn’t any surprise when he thanked his teammates first when accepting the award.

“Most importantly, I want to thank my teammates,” Leonard said, by way of NBA.com. “I felt like we all did a great job this year going in each and every game, being focused and striving to stop the other team.”

He then spent time extolling Duncan and Aldridge, the big men who protect the basket behind him……Read More

Source: Of Course Kawhi Leonard Deflected Credit For His DPOY