Noel Gallagher Makes Title Concession As City Fan Delivers Verdict On Premier League Season

Mark White Manchester City FC

Manchester City supporter Noel Gallagher has called on the Premier League to hand Liverpool the title and end the current season without playing any further fixtures.

The former Oasis guitarist does not see how games can be played behind closed doors while also trying to enforce a lockdown, and he feels the campaign should be started afresh:

“All my mates who are City fans have said ‘if they start playing games behind closed doors, we’re going’. It could cause more trouble than it’s worth.”

“But I think that the authorities should think about playing next season and playing with limited fans and social distancing in the stadium and all that.”

“Liverpool have won the league, so they might as well give it to them. But the only thing to stop them doing that is relegation and promotion from the other leagues.”

There are a certainly a number of difficulties to restarting the season, as Gallagher mentions, and a meeting on Friday of all 20 Premier League teams will discuss how they will move forward.

The major concern, at the moment, is player contracts and loans. FIFA have recommended that these could be extended beyond June 30th but there’s no legal backing for the recommendation.

It has led to a number of clubs to call for the season to end before that date, in order to ensure squads are not depleted by those leaving at the end of their contracts.