Manu Ginobili opens up about his future with the Spurs.

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San Antonio.- For now not talk to anyone, not gathered with anyone … just ended. Now what occupies my mind is to decongest everything. I need to free the mind, digest and after a couple of weeks I will get new targets. Anyway, now my main goal is the Olympics. It’s time to relax. There is no other thing before, and I’ll take care selected later. I guess in a couple of weeks I’ll think more about my future. Surely I will sit down with Pop, Tim and some of my colleagues to chat. Then we will see what the objectives are and whether something will change or not. It is still early to see it.

It will not depend on my determination of what my colleagues do, or anything. But I want to know what the plan is, do you want to make the team and what Pop … That will not define my idea, but I need to know, to clarify the whole situation. I do not know what I’ll do, but I have clear that if I decide to withdraw will not be for lack of work, but because they believe appropriate. -because I am fortunate not always happen that one can say when I do so that the option to choose. It is true that there is the possibility of continuing a year, but have not yet decided what I will do.However, the latter will not be the reason to decide anything. I will take the time to understand necessary…..Read More

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